Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Remix: Uncouth Vermouth - LA DIVE BOUTEILLE 2016

I will be working with Bianca and her amazing Brooklyn-made Uncouth Vermouth at La Dive Bouteille in Saumur, France this weekend.  My work will be on a new batch of her incredible vermouth.  More here: Uncouth Vermouth ... and La Dive Bouteille.

We will be offering as a prize a print of Immaculate Perception (Baby Bloo) to one of the visitors! The print is signed and dated 2015. 

Surrealism, asserted AndrĂ© Breton, was above all "a revolutionary movement."  And that movement, both visual and literary, was largely identified with the dream. Shock, non-sequitur, unlikely but often gorgeous juxtapositions were the signature elements of surrealist works. These ideas come to term in Immaculate Perception. Beautifully printed by Mariela Cadiz in Paris, the work is a lullaby in the surrealist cannon: A young girl in a bob cut dreams in a dream of a lemon tree.  She is the revolution. 

A larger and slightly different print is available (only a few left) from The Calm Gallery (online sale only).  You can see and order the limited edition (50)  piece here: Matthew Rose / Immaculate Perception / The Calm Gallery...

Article by Larry Jaffee on the design and art of the Uncouth Vermouth brand and label.

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