Monday, October 24, 2011

Occupy This

Letterpress print, Fuck You & Your Politics, produced by Swiss artist and letterpress printer, Fritz Sauter, was printed in an edition of 75. Each piece measures 32 x 25.75 cm on acid-free paper. There are 10 unnumbered, signed and dated artist proofs.

The stripped down work, all in black, is meant to mimic the politic posturing of early 20th century handbills.

Feel to reproduce this print/image on your websites, Right Wing, Left Wing, Republican, Democrat, Tea Party, Occupy Wall Street or just because you like the typeface.  We just ask that you include the URL of this post. Please leave comments.

Thursday, October 6, 2011


Invite Audubon and friends into your home. Have a cup while you check out rare Nepalese species from your kitchen table.  Run a two-inch band of birds in a forest around your bedroom. Dream outloud.

BIRDPAPER, my new wall paper print made for the GOD & COUNTRY exhibition at STORIE PARIS is now available in linear square meters (110 x 90 cm).  The wall paper print will be produced at Burning Boy Press Paris.

DESIGN SPONGE recently wrote about it on their site: DESIGN SPONGE.

Wall to wall to wall installations are available, as well as rolls for do-it-yourself installations in bands or rectangles or squares.  The bird watching wall paper is made to order.

For more information on BIRDPAPER installations, please click:  CONTACT.

Fine art, 30 x 40 cm, signed and dated prints of Birdpaper, are available from : KEEP CALM GALLERY in LONDON.