Friday, October 30, 2015

Machine World, 2015. Farm Fresh Collage.

Series of 6 works on canvas entitled Machine World (2015).  The works are each 45 cm square.  They are fresh from the farm. See more work here on instagram: Machine World.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Train Your Dragonfly: ABCurdities, a Surreal ABC Book Designed by Allan Bealy. 26 Artists Interpret The Absurd

My Dragonfly Train Ride Woman Behind the Curtain collage for... 

ABCurdities, a collage alphabet: 26 collage artists from around the world interpret the absurdist alphabet poems of New York poet Helen Reiss.    Book designed by Brooklyn artist Allan Bealy

See the whole book, buy a print copy for $18...

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Surreal Trips, Talking With God, Blue Deers and Visit to the 1950s : New & Old Works on Instagrammy

A wide range of new and older works in a cool format is now up and running on Instagram. Check out the show. Some works available, others in collections in the US and Europe.  Follow if you like, win prizes.

Go here–––––––––≥≥≥ Matthew Rose's Instagram Feed.

Monday, October 5, 2015


A new series of collage works on canvas decrypting and recrypting bande dessinée printed material from the early 1960s and 1970s is now on view at Nisa Touchon Fine Art, in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  each work is 30 x 30 cm on canvas, dated and signed 2015.
To purchase, please follow this link: 

Matthew Rose @ Nisa Touchon / Santa Fe, NM

Monday, September 21, 2015

(Theological) Jambles, 2015 - Hastings, UK Observer Bldg

(Theological) Jambles, 2015. Nine of a suite of 15 collage works for The 1067 Group exhibition at The Observer Bldg, Hastings, UK. Opening December 2015. The works are all priced the same, contact here with any questions, or for exhibition information. 

Click here to download the Press Release for (Theological) Jambles @ The Observer Bldg, Hastings UK (December 2015).  [PDF 2 MB].

See the INSTAGRAM FEED here, and click to follow. 

“1067 Mind Invasion” At The Observer Building, Hastings, UK
Major British Survey of Contemporary Collage : 500 Works On Exhibition

Private View – Friday 4 December, 2015 : 6.30 PM

HASTINGS, UK –  “It could be the most extensive survey of British collage in the last 10 years,” says Liz Finch, organizer and artist for the 1067 Group’s major exhibition set to open with the private view on 4 December at 6.30 pm at The Observer Building in Hastings, UK.  The exhibition features the work of 26 artists and runs through 20 December, 2015.

Following the success of the previous Hastings exhibition 10 years ago, the 1067 Group invades Hastings again, this time in a larger, more generous venue. Formerly comprised of East Sussex-based artists and designers, the 1067 Group has expanded to include a handful of internationally known collage artists. The range of works and magic woven by these artists, will clearly rival any London show surveying contemporary collage.

“Each artist will present some 20 works, with the sole restriction that each piece measure 15 x 15 inches square,” says Hastings artist Peter Quinnell.  “The exhibition promises to be a high-quality survey with works ranging from a current interest in geometric abstraction and pop to surrealism and text-infused realism.”

Collage has become a medium as powerful and omnipresent as paint – or wood, metal, or stone sculpture. It is wildly versatile and is often used as an installation component or subject – think wallpaper. The use of printed images, photographs, paper or any material that can be fixed and attached to a canvas or paper support is often recombined in novel ways. Small details can be enlarged; the world explored in minutiae or in odd but meaningful scale. The results of collage works are often politically and sexually charged, and marry reality to fantasy in a way other mediums can’t easily do. 

“For me, collage is another way of essay writing, of spelling, of producing a philosophical (realist) text,” says Paris-based American artist, Matthew Rose. “What is always compelling about collage is its capacity to stack and stagger meaning from a simple paper base. In the 1067 Mind Invasion exhibition, I use paint sample grids to discuss theology and technology.”

The Observer Building is in the heart of the Hastings Art District: Artists, illustrators, film makers, fashion designers often congregate in the commons areas, to meet, greet and exchange ideas that are making the British art world tick. 

Michael Leigh, the British Fluxus & Mail artist from Manchester, notes that “The Observer Building is a magnet for artists and musicians experimenting every which way.  One of the coolest places in England.”  He points out that “1067” is a reference to the Battle of Hastings, which took place in 1066 and put the Norman French in control of the British Kingdom.  “Of course, 1067 is a year late to the Norman Invasion party,” says Leigh.

The poster –1067 MIND INVASION – was designed by Martin O’Neill, renowned British illustrator in editorial and advertising. 

The high resolution PDF poster is free to download:
[ ]

The 1067 exhibition is open Tuesday through Saturday from 10.30 am to 5.30 pm; the gallery is closed Sunday and Monday. 

Among the artists exhibiting: Matthew Rose, Peter Quinnell, Liz Finch, Nichola Bruce, Martin O’Neill, Richard Heslop, Michael Leigh, Chris Milton, Jennifer Binnie, Christine Binnie, Deborah Stevenson, Luke Pendrell, Paul Burgess, Catherine Denvir, Annie Millar, Shorn Thompson, Bunny, Lucy, Alex Mazari, Tom Bartlett, Jeb Haward, Oska Lappin, Danny Pockets,Robert Sample, Dave Reading, Jo Redpath, Richard de Pesando, Delaine Le Bas, Lorna Crabbe, Jane Marriner, Jason Williams, Rebecca Marshall, Tim Marrs, Gary Neil, Rozenn Le Gall, Marc Deb, Amanda Jobson… 

Dates & Venue: 4 - 20 December, 2015. The Observer Building : 53 Cambridge Road, TN34 1DT Hastings, East Sussex, UK

For more information on the show, images or interviews with the curators, please contact: Peter Quinnell – or tel: + 44.142.4423.134 

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Ideal Medical Accounting : New Works in Brittany, France

Some new works of mine are up now at JL Cleret / Artquest Galerie ... Ideal Medical Accounting/La Comptabilité Médicale Idéale (2014). The series of collage works are visual eye/mental health "tests." Made in France. Ask Jean-Louis Cléret for prices and availability. Click on the image to enlarge.

Jean-Louis CLERET - - Tel: +33 676 351 200

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

People: Irreverent Drawings, Droll Takes and Daunting Tales By Matthew Rose – Published by Red Fox Press / Ireland

People, a brand new book of my drawings, is just out from Red Fox Press / Ireland.  More than 40 drawings, often with text, are included in this little irreverent book that seeks to mete out the absurd, naming objects after people and people after their worst tendencies.  

My People book is fun and funny and essentially a kid's book for adults.  I hope to turn the book into an exhibition in 2016 (there are another 50 drawing that were unpublished). The edition is limited to 100, each copy is signed and dated. 

See some of the works and purchase the book by following this link to Red Fox Press :  

Details: - 15 x 21 cm limited edition book.

- Thread binding.
- 52 pages - 100 numbered and signed copies.
- August 2015
- price: 35 euro / 30 GBP / 40 $US

The edition of People is moving quickly although some will be reserved for Red Fox's book fairs this year:

London Art Book Fair, Whitechapel, 10-13 Sept 2015
New York Art Book Fair, PS1, Stand R01, 17-20 September 2015
Frankfurt Book Fair, 4.1 L37, 14-18 October 2015
UK Fine Press Fair, Oxford, 31.10-1.11.2015

If you'd like to reserve or order a copy, contact Ham or Francis at Red Fox.

 More stuff on my instagram: INSTAGRAM

Friday, July 3, 2015

Anonymous Drawings 2015 - Berlin, Germany

I'm pleased to have another (my third) drawing in German artist Anke Becker's most amazing curated group exhibition project : Anonymous Drawings.  This edition opens in August 2015 in Berlin.   Online one can view and purchase the Anonymous Drawings.  

Thursday, June 11, 2015


Judy Bang Box playing my Artkit bespoke collage/assemblage drummys, Paris 2015. Artkit Drums available - only two in existence. Real prototypes.  Interested: Contact : Bang Box.

See the video demo, and check out the space pants! Click: Judy Bang Box does the Artkit Drummys.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Pressure Washing: Final Days

LEFT: Untitled, 2006. Matthew Rose. Mixed media/collage on chipboard 8" x 12"  Available.

Exhibition Through 25 April 2015. Catalog: Contact 
See the exhibition:

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Yale University Radio Interview 17 April 2015

Enjoy this 20 minute conversation about art and Paris, collage and the art world with Yale University Radio's Brainard Carey.  Recorded 17 April 2015.  ≥ Yale Radio Link For Audio.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Tuscany, 2005

Tuscany, triptych, collage on canvas, 2005. Part of the Pop Up/Fuck Off exhibition in London 28 March 2015.  Sold to a collector in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The Brawl, 2015

The Brawl, 2015. Collage on paper.  26 x 21.5 cm. One of a series of 20 new works on paper.

Thursday, April 2, 2015


The Pages, collage on board, 2006 - 2013; collection Nobel & Hug, Zürich, Switzerland.  Each work is approximately 21 x 29 cm, on board and was posted from Paris, France to the US. The series was first exhibited at Converge Gallery, Williamsport, PA for the 2013 exhibition The Letters. The works were recently framed and installed at the Nobel & Hug law offices in Zürich.  Photo, courtesy: "Annette and Peter Nobel Collection, Zurich.

The artists in the Nobel & Hug art collection include (among others) works by Robert Longo, Xie Xiaoze, Hans Krüsi, Warwara Fjodorowna Stepanowa, Pierre Baltensperger, Antoni Tàpies, César, Willem de Kooning, Mimmo Rotella, Alighiero Boetti, Gaston Chaissac, Raymond Hains, Andy Warhol and David Shirgley.

(Click here for The Letters Catalog).  Click the image to enlarge.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

On Beauty: The Denver Collage Club Launches at The Robert Anderson Gallery : 3 April - 30 May, 2015

The Robert Anderson Gallery and The Denver Collage Club opens the Month of Photography with a large and powerful exhibition of collage works from some 20 artists from Denver, the US and Europe. The opening begins at  5 pm, Friday, April 3, 2015. The exhibition runs through May 30, 2015.

Launched by Denver-based photographer Mark Sink and artist Mario Zoots, The Denver Collage Club is an international group of artists exploring a wide variety ideas on contemporary collage. Beauty is the theme of the Anderson Gallery exhibition. 

In this inaugural Denver Collage Club exhibition, the Robert Anderson Gallery is proud to present a diverse body of collage works that promise to intrigue, provoke and enchant. The evocative images in this exhibition carry on the rich tradition of unique and creative art making.

Collage artists began to appear after World War I. Using a wide range materials – often printed in newspapers, magazines, or even as wall paper – artists reassembled these fragments to create visually dynamic and compelling images. Early collage works often related to political or social issues. Some of the earliest innovators were Picasso, Braque, Kurt Schwitters, Man Ray, Raoul Haussmann, Max Ernst, Hannah Hoch, Joseph Cornell, Ray Johnson, Robert Rauschenberg and Jasper Johns among many others; collage is a mainstay of contemporary art and continues to reinvent itself.

[Image left: Matthew Rose, Tale of the Virgin, 2010, 9 x 12 inches; collage and gouache on paper.]

Artists exhibiting with The Denver Collage Club: Adam Milner, Alexander Rodchenko, Colin Ward, David H. Tippits, Freddie Max Levenson, Gary Emrich, Herbert Bayer, Janice McDonald, Jeromie Dorrance, Jerry Uelsmann,  Kyle Huninghake, Laura Shill, Libby Barbee, Mado Reznik, Mario Zoots, Mark Sink, Matthew Rose, Melissa Lynn, Paula Gillen, Samuel Mata, Steve Wilson, Susan Goldstein, Taylor Balkissoon, and Travis Hetman.

Robert Anderson Gallery  
The Denver Collage Club  April 3- May 30, 2015.
2426 East Third Avenue Denver Colorado 80206   
Tel: 303-388-1332 W: Robert Anderson Gallery  

Saturday, March 28, 2015