Saturday, June 26, 2010

Typo-Graphical & Dry Mounted Take On: A Strange Meeting At Keep Calm Gallery

The very nice folks at Typo-Graphical and Dry Mounted, two art and design blogs, pointed out the series now up at Keep Calm Gallery, A Strange Meeting. is a lover of all things art," writes the owner. "I hate getting drymounted on a print release because I missed it! As a resource to myself as well as all other print lovers, I like to keep up to date with all print drops." is absolutely filled with prints you probably won't see anywhere else.  Great to have them around.  Tons of gorgeous eye candy here.

Typo-Graphical is run by artist John Hall, who has long worked in both the streetwear and magazine industries for about a decade, for some of the best names in the game, including: Mass Appeal, T-world (Australia), Vapors, Missbehave, Woofin’ (Japan), Staple Design, Digital Gravel, Foreign Family, Ludwig and The Hundreds.

Hall lives in Venice, California. He says that he works a combination of interviewing incredibly talented people for the occasional magazine, writing press releases for clothing companies, doing product descriptions for online retail, and once in a while, designing and producing t-shirts," he says. (Typo-Graphical logo, just above).

Check them both out. Both sites are chock-full of wonderful art and design resources.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Rubens Rounding Third: Art Of Baseball

Rubens Rounding Third, A3 size, signed and numbered.  An homage in someways to the great Derek Jeter – a work of art himself!

Printed on gummed paper and perforated, the stamp sheet is the artist's ode to baseball, art, Rubens, stamps in a sexy twist on turning the corner, in this case third base.

This collector's piece has a permanent place at the Philatelic Museum of Oaxaca (MUFI), which awarded me first prize in their world wide competition for 'Baseball Philately + The Art Inspired by Philately'.
  • Printed on gummed stamp sheets
  • Signed and numbered by the artist
  • Limited edition of 1000
  • 296 mm by 407 mm (11½ by 16 inches)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Strange Meeting : Suite Of 12 Collage Works

'How To Join' is just one of 12 new collage works in this slightly dangerous, oftentimes sexy and bird-in-hand deadpan series by American artist Matthew Rose.

'How to Join' is an advertisement for a blue and naked man walking his 'bird' – a bemused and bespectacled librarian not-so-secretly observes it all.

Deceptively simple, these collages draw out a fragmented narrative typical of Matthew Rose's work. Words cut and married to a range of odd characters, provide a dozen theatrical one-acts of absurd encounters. In Matthew Rose's world, when parties meet, an emotional oil spill ensues.

"It's a wonderful world," says the artist, "if you can read – and cut and paste – between the lines."
The collection, 'A Strange Meeting,' is the first in a series of original works created for and offered exclusively by Keep Calm Gallery. Matthew Rose's work was recently featured in the just-published MASTERS: COLLAGE (Lark Books/US).

This is an original collage piece by Matthew Rose. As this collage is unique there is just one available.
  • Collage on paper
  • Signed and dated by the artist
  • Stamped by the artist on the reverse
  • Acid free paper
  • Approximately 305 mm by 230 mm (12 by 9 inches)
Price: £170.00 per work.  Contact Keep Calm Gallery to purchase and to see the full 12-piece suite.