Monday, August 27, 2012

On The Road

My good friend, the writer and filmmaker Jody Jenkins recently took an artwork of mine painted on a metal garbage can cover and mounted it on a palm tree along the Atlantic coast of Georgia.

He writes: "We managed to get your piece up on a palm tree leading out to Tybee Island, just outside Savannah. It's one of my favorite stretches of road and thought it would be a good place to put it. And it blends in nicely with the green and all."

Above is the work from 1985 or so and Jody's daughter Eliza in the car wondering what the heck is going on.   It's not exactly street art. But if anyone has found this piece and brought it home, do please get in touch.

I have a certain number of these 1980s works produced from a silhouette of my niece when she was about a year old.  A photograph was cut and the resulting shape was turned into a stencil.  I made hundreds of these works.  The first one was called "the fall" – the only one that is oil on canvas.  The others are on a variety of materials from seat cushions to wood planks to glass to mosaic.  They are all currently stored in the US.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

A Note About A Book About Death: A Book From Seattle

A Book About Death Seattle, curated by Kathleen McHugh and Almendra Sandoval, is now a book, which you can view and download as a PDF.  You can also print it out.  I produced an essay about the project, focusing in on the September 2009 New York exhibition at The Emily Harvey Foundation Gallery.  The book was conceived of and designed by artist and art dealer Almendra Sandoval.

You can read that essay online here: A Note About A Book About Death. 

The image above includes a photo of my work for the Seattle show, Talk To God, 2011.  Photo of MR by Ari Rossner.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Uncouth Vermouth : Bianca Miraglia at Underground

Uncouth Vermouth, Bianca Miraglia's natural vermouth debuts with my art labels at the Underground exhibition in Bushwick, Brooklyn on Friday August 10, 2012. 

The art labels are borrowed from the A Perfect Friend works and the Immaculate Perception collage – prints of which are featured at Keep Calm Gallery. The prints from A Perfect Friend are on view at Converge Gallery in Williamsport, PA through August 25.

Bianca Miraglia is a craft maker of vermouth and an expert on most things that are both drinkable and involve alcohol.  She has often lectured on wine and spirits and naturally-made microbrew beers. She produced a special batch of her Uncouth Vermouth for Underground.

The collage works above include: Top – Television (2005), Lincoln (2007), The Hunt (2007), The Leaving (2007).  All pieces are available from Converge Gallery.  Sorry, there is no vermouth left from the evening but you might be able to get the bottles if you contact Bianca.  More info about Underground and the gallery : Converge Gallery on FB.