Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Paris Correspondence School : Mail Art Cadvre Exquis Opens 16 December 2010 Galerie Sparts

The MAIL ART 2010 exhibition is this year's answer to unpaid bills, junk mail and the Tapis D'Orient flyers that litter your hallways.

The artists involved have long irritated post office workers, mailmen and women, and in general created havoc where the postal system is concerned. And not only in France, but world wide. (Me, too). 

Click here to see the artist list.

A strange and wonderful mail art cadavre exquis, organized by Christian Balmier, where four artists work on a piece in a round, some 25 examples of this surrealist game will be on view at beginning Thursday, December 16, 2010 at Galerie SPARTS  41, rue de Seine - 75006 PARIS.

Among the artists involved:  

Jean-Michel ALBEROLA, Jean-Paul ALBINET, Christian BALMIER, BEN VAUTIER, Yvon BOHERS, Alain BRESSON, José-Garcia CORDERO, Charlélie COUTURE, Henri CUECO, Pierre DESSONS, Hervé DI ROSA, Philippe DRUILLET, Yann DUGAIN, Marc GIAI-MINIET, Gérard GUYOMARD, Abraham HADAD, Michel HERGIBO, Michel HOSSZÙ, Pierre JOINUL, Eliane LARUS, Gérard LE CLOAREC, Yves LÉVÊQUE, LJUBA, Fédérica MATTA, Jérôme MESNAGER, Ricardo MOSNER, Mehdi QOTBI, RABA, Matthew ROSE, Sélim SAIAH, Sacha SOSNO, Roland TRUC, Béatrice TURQUAND D'AUZAY, Michel TYSZBLAT, Vladimir VELICKOVIC, Jacques VIMARD and William WILSON.

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