Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Art Of Collage: Northern Kentucky University

Originating from the wildly successful publication MASTERS: COLLAGE, a monster book surveying contemporary collage works, the Northern Kentucky University art galleries, directed by David Knight, put on the exhibition, The Art of Collage (August - September 2010).

Featured are two series of mine, The Storm Warning collage works from 2005 and Twinkies, from 2004/05.

There are in each series, two distinct collage approaches.  In the Storm Warning group, above, a central figure is dominant with text via stencil and paint.  The Twinkies pair mimics the "all over" concept with tiny bits of 1950s/1960s cartoon figures dropped at random on a wet glue canvas surface, sanded down to a smooth surface and then bleached to remove a good part of the color.

I have made nearly 100 of these "all over" collage works, each one a time-consuming experiment in color and "readability." From a distance they seem like color squares or rectangles, while up close the bits of words in French, Italian, English and sometimes German, tell an entire story from a 1960s comic book. But the reading is tough going, as the words are cut and torn, and sanded down to their bones.

Click directly on the photos to enlarge and see the details.

These works are available.  For price inquiries, please send an email.

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