Monday, July 26, 2010

The Future Of Junk: Varoom Magazine

Paul Burgess, professor at the School of Arts and Media at the University of Brighton, UK recently published a feature piece on collage, entitled The Future of Junk, including an interview with me and a large collage work of mine, The End of The World (pictured here, lower right image, in a spread from the magazine).

Burgess, a collage artist himself, offers a history of the medium and a dozen or so of its contemporary producers spread out across the globe.

Varoom Magazine is compendium of contemporary illustration, culture and society based in London. From Varoom's about page:"Varoom tracks the very latest in the world of illustration, discovering the new styles, exploring the world of illustrators and the people who commission them, digging deep into the big social, political and cultural ideas expressed in current illustration. Showing the most exciting, provocative, moment-defining work, and revealing the creative and human stories behind it."  Thanks!

See the preview of the article from Varoom Magazine, from Illustrating The Future, here.


  1. I hope I get the opportunity to see your work when I am in Paris next Fall!

  2. let me know when you get here... happy to meet you.