Friday, July 2, 2010

Franticham's Assembling Box Number 5

I participated in Franticham's Assembling Box: Visual Poetry and Works influenced by Fluxus. REDFOXPRESS, Ireland.  The edition, limited to 40 box copies, debuts July 1, 2010. My work, below, is a hand-cut DUMB BUNNY print.

A5 box with contributions from 23 invited artists: Visual poetry, collages, prints, multiples and objects. The invitation-only project is limited to 40 copies, numbered 1/40 to 40/40.  

Contributions from: Antic-Ham, South Korea; Vittore Baroni, Italy; Lancillotto Bellini, Italy;  Carla Bertola, Italy Anna Boschi, Italy;  Bruno Chiarlone, Italy;  Fernando Delgado, Argentina; Picasso Gaglione, USA; Pierre Garnier, France; Klaus Groh, Germany; Ruud Janssen, Netherlands; Susanna Lakner, Germany; Serse Luigetti, Italy; Tim Mancusi, USA; Keiichi Nakamura, Japan; Litsa Spathi, Netherlands; Uwe Petruch, Germany; Mercedes Resch, Argentina;  Matthew Rose, France; Christine Tarantino, USA; Francis Van Maele, Ireland; Alberto Vitacchio, Italy; Sean Woodward, UK.

All works are signed, dated and numbered from 1 thru 40. The pieces vary from hand-made cards and objects to rubber-stamped pieces that touch upon the often rowdy, non-commercial activity that Fluxus was known for in the 1960s.  Franticham's assembling boxes now numbers five in the series and is rapidly becoming a global small publishing powerhouse under the imprint Red Fox Press. Creators Francis Van Maele and Antic-Ham travel all round the world to art and book fairs with their published limited edition works. They are currently in Tokyo with a certain number of previous editions, hand made silk screen prints as well as a selection of books.

Only 15 copies are available for sale: Price: 70 euro / 100 $ / 60 UK Pounds. Click to see all contributions and to purchase from Red Fox Press.

You can also visit Franticham's blog, with updates on all prints and activities, as well as a schedule of their globe-trotting agenda, here: Franticham's Blog.

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