Friday, July 9, 2010


Steve Gray and artist-entrepreneur and well-known bloger conducted this interview for his ART RE-SOURCE site in Australia.

Here is a small sample from the interview:

What is the most unexpected response you’ve received from a viewer of your work?
Early on my career, I showed a series of seven collage works combining Chinese-English flash cards at a friend’s apartment on Lafayette Street.  It was a large group show of sorts, and my friend Russell Steinert who was then working at Leo Castelli managed to co-opt a narrow wooden shelf, I believe from a Richard Serra installation.  The works, aligned on a wall, were simple word/image plays.  A card of a chicken and an an eye yielded : UNTITLED COCK EYE.  Well, that evening some intrepid art critic scribbled on the wall next to my works: "C’est pas l’art!" Ouch! It was curious that this was in French, and Russell said to me afterwards: "Congratulations, Matthew, you had the best response to any of the works all night." From then on, I knew what I was doing was correct in each and every way.

Have you had much connection post sale with purchasers of your works?
Yes, collectors come back again and again and want to see new works, revisit older pieces I’ve sold them and discuss how I’m working.  It’s extremely rewarding because a sale isn’t just a monetary connection but one that’s both intellectual and social.  I’m grateful for those collectors who really have something to say and to teach me about what my work and methods mean to them. It’s a true gift.

See the full interview here: ART RE-SOURCE.

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