Sunday, February 17, 2013

March Madness of Collage : Next Gallery, Denver


The Madness of Collage, a large group show of collage artists across the planet will open at The Next Gallery in Denver Colorado on 8 March 2013.  I was invited by the curators and jurors, Vernonica Reeves and  Peter Strange Yumi to participate.  My work was first exhibited in Denver in 2006 when I filled The Capsule Gallery, directed by Laurie Lynnxe Murphy with more than 1000 collage works in a show entitled Spelling With Scissors.  The wall to wall to wall to floor to ceiling exhibition was the gallery's swan song and it soon after changed hands.  See a little YouTube video of me dancing in the gallery space.

I originally sent in 7 of my God & Country works on paper – a series I exhibited here in Paris in 2011 at Storie in Montparnasse, but fearing after nearly a month that they were lost in the US and French postal systems, I sent in an additional 7 works.  The moment the second package was mailed the first arrived (of course!).  In total 14 works on paper will be on view in the exhibition.

Juxtaposition: The Madness of Collage
The Next Gallery, 3659 Navajo Street, 
Denver, Colorado 80211
Exhibition Dates:  March 8 - 25, 2013
Reception: Friday, March 8, 6 pm - 10 pm

Visit The Next Gallery online

Some 14 of my works on paper will be exhibited and available.  Here are the collage works, each on paper and each from 2011. If you are interested in any of these works, please contact Veronica at Next Gallery.