Sunday, March 29, 2015

On Beauty: The Denver Collage Club Launches at The Robert Anderson Gallery : 3 April - 30 May, 2015

The Robert Anderson Gallery and The Denver Collage Club opens the Month of Photography with a large and powerful exhibition of collage works from some 20 artists from Denver, the US and Europe. The opening begins at  5 pm, Friday, April 3, 2015. The exhibition runs through May 30, 2015.

Launched by Denver-based photographer Mark Sink and artist Mario Zoots, The Denver Collage Club is an international group of artists exploring a wide variety ideas on contemporary collage. Beauty is the theme of the Anderson Gallery exhibition. 

In this inaugural Denver Collage Club exhibition, the Robert Anderson Gallery is proud to present a diverse body of collage works that promise to intrigue, provoke and enchant. The evocative images in this exhibition carry on the rich tradition of unique and creative art making.

Collage artists began to appear after World War I. Using a wide range materials – often printed in newspapers, magazines, or even as wall paper – artists reassembled these fragments to create visually dynamic and compelling images. Early collage works often related to political or social issues. Some of the earliest innovators were Picasso, Braque, Kurt Schwitters, Man Ray, Raoul Haussmann, Max Ernst, Hannah Hoch, Joseph Cornell, Ray Johnson, Robert Rauschenberg and Jasper Johns among many others; collage is a mainstay of contemporary art and continues to reinvent itself.

[Image left: Matthew Rose, Tale of the Virgin, 2010, 9 x 12 inches; collage and gouache on paper.]

Artists exhibiting with The Denver Collage Club: Adam Milner, Alexander Rodchenko, Colin Ward, David H. Tippits, Freddie Max Levenson, Gary Emrich, Herbert Bayer, Janice McDonald, Jeromie Dorrance, Jerry Uelsmann,  Kyle Huninghake, Laura Shill, Libby Barbee, Mado Reznik, Mario Zoots, Mark Sink, Matthew Rose, Melissa Lynn, Paula Gillen, Samuel Mata, Steve Wilson, Susan Goldstein, Taylor Balkissoon, and Travis Hetman.

Robert Anderson Gallery  
The Denver Collage Club  April 3- May 30, 2015.
2426 East Third Avenue Denver Colorado 80206   
Tel: 303-388-1332 W: Robert Anderson Gallery  

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Tuesday, March 17, 2015


SOFT FIX, 2015 is a soft core porn assemblage work in the American Peep Show booth that is part of the Pressure Washing exhibition at Converge Gallery.  The crucifix is made from prostitutes' calling cards, and arranged in a grid to form a crucifix.

Reactions to the work thus far have ranged from horrified to mystified to gorgeous to outrageous, John Yogodzinksi, Converge Gallery director told me.  My idea here is to literally cross up the male gaze with paid liberation, and examine the contradictions of desire, belief, consumer life and private spiritual life.

For more information: Converge Gallery.

Pressure Washing @ Converge Gallery - The Very Sexy Review : Williamsport Sun-Gazette 12 March 2015

Monday, March 16, 2015


Pop Up Fuck Off, organized by India Roper-Evans and Samuel Brzeksi at Broadway Studios 28 Tooting High Street SW17 ORG in LONDON runs for one day only: 28 March 2015.

The exhibition opens at 3 PM and will run quite late with musical performances and other art works taking us into the evening.

All the details on FaceBook are here: Pop Up Fuck Off.

Artists include:

Elod Beregszaszi, Richard Leppard, Matthew Rose, India Roper-Evans
Flora Deborah, Sophia Simensky
Mita Solanky, Samuel Brzeski, Cecily Bates, Rodrigo Souto
Eden Lazaness, Helena Mae Brzeski, Miriam Gould, Mary Jones, Amelia Prett, Thomas Wells, Millie Easton, Tom Estes, Cheryl Simmons, Sarah Peace, Sarah Miah, Be Inma Berrocal, Carmen Viñuela, Ele de Luis, Simone Strifele, Sean Worrall, Kathryn Madge, Soundboxed Collective, Daniel P Cunningham, Jamie Misselbrook, Elaine Johnson Lauren Cooper Hayley Don Hill, Xiaoqiao Li, Minami Wrigley, Bob Brown, Luke Sebastian Wilde, Robert Marney Arts, Rob Jones, Phillip Hawkey, Nalini Thapen, Sisters From Another Mister, Milda Lembertaite, Emma Barford, Graham Martin, Andrew Stys, Timothy Holt, Aerial Sparks, Julia Maddison, Glenn Fitzy Fitzpatrick, Alejandro Tamagno, Sedicente Feccia, Minesweeper Collective, Desdemona Varon, Gzillion Artist, Vanya Balogh, Susana Sanroman, Silvia Cruz Del Alamo, Vanja Karas, Yumi Yoshinaga,  Sinéid Codd, Russell Hill, Caroline Derveaux-Berté and many more...

My text work, Tuscany, 2005, will be included (God willing the Postal Service delivers them)... The pieces, a triptych, are essentially Bird, Cloud, Sky (in Italian).  Each canvas is 21.0 x 29.7cm, and is gouache on canvas. If you are interested in these works, please contact here: TUSCANY.

Feel free to use the buttons for Twitter and FB and other stuff to send this around.  Thank you. 

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Pressure Washing: The Catalog. Full Exhibition Now Available / PDF : Hi-Res Images, Prices & Details & More

Panorama of Pressure Washing  : 6 March - 25 April 2015, Converge Gallery, Williamsport, PA.

Click the image above to enlarge and see the installed exhibition.

Or take a high resolution Virtual Tour of Pressure Washing.

Download the exhibition view.

Write for full PDF catalog available now available: Contact - John @ Converge Gallery : or Matthew Rose Pressure Washing Catalog.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Got Pussy? Secretary & Applied Sciences Pussy Prints: Pressure Washing @ Converge Gallery (March - April 2015)

Secretary and Applied Sciences, two new pussy prints, 2015, part of Pressure Washing at Converge Gallery.  So, if you lost your pussy or your cat or both...

Converge Gallery and Matthew Rose are excited to announce the limited release of these two prints "Secretary" & "Applied Sciences." These 18" x 24" signed prints are beautifully reproduced with archival inks on velvet rag paper. Each sells for $150 unframed, or $250 for the pair.   

Giving #pussyriot a run for the ruble.

Contact Converge Gallery Director : John Yogodzinski .... more here: