Tisuću kraljica/1000 Queens, Atelier, Rijeka, Croatia. Oct.
    Lost For Words, The Bklyn, Paris, Oct.
    New York City, NY. Curator/Artist Oct.    

    Metamorphic, Converge Gallery, Williamsport, PA
    Curated by Kasey Lyon, July - Aug.    
    Ordinary to Extraordinary, Cornell Museum, Delray Beach, FL
    Curated by Melanie Johnson.  May 24 - August 24.
    SCOPE NEW YORK, Converge Gallery, Williamsport, PA. March

    Sucicide Specials, Essay by Josephy Nechvatal, Artillery Magazine/LA

    Collage By Matthew Rose Interview: Juliet Art Magazine/Italy, April
    Quardboard Queen, Silkscreen Print (Ed. 33)


    The Letters, Converge Gallery, Williamsport, PA. July-Aug.
    Madness: Collage, Next Gallery, Denver, CO.  March.
    After The Flood Again, Metropolis Collective, Mechanicsburg, PA


    Today Is Tomorrow, La Belle Hortense, Paris. December       
    Collage, Galerie Kühn, Lilenthal, Germany, November
    Papyri, Emily Harvey Foundation, Venice, Italy, October.
    Second Nature, Projective City,  Ben Evans Curator, Paris, June. 


Nurture Art Benefit, Chelsea Museum, NYC, NY, October
Write Now, Chicago Cultural Center, Keith Buchholz Curator, Nov.  
GOD & COUNTRY, STORIE, Paris, September
Words, Zango, Paris, April/May
Philips de Pury, NYC Auction/Catalog (PAINTINGS, text prints) June.

Cutting Edges, (Gestalten Publishing), James Gallagher, Editor
CUT UNCUT, Interview, US
BIRDPAPER, wallpaper print.

Adventures In A Box, With Fritz Sauter, edition: 24.

Cutting Edges/Gestalten Publishing Germany (Book)


SCARED BUT FRESH, Orange Dot Gallery, London, Oct 2010
MASTERS: COLLAGE, Northern Kentucky University, Curator: Randel Plowman, Aug/Sept 2010
The Text-In-Between Series, Atomic Bean Cafe, Boston, MA - with poet Kim Triedman, May 2010.
Um Livro Sobre A Morte, MuBE, São Paulo, Brazil (Angela Ferrara)
A Book About Death, MoMA Wales UK (Sonja Benskin-Mesher)

MASTERS: COLLAGE (Lark/Sterling Publishing, US) June, 2010
YOU –> ME, silkscreen print, Keep Calm Gallery, London. Ed: 100.
Les Affaires, print, Keep Calm Gallery, London. Ed: 100.
Anglais, print, Keep Calm Gallery, London.

Artist Residence, Emily Harvey Foundation, Venice, Italy
AUCTION: PAINTINGS, text silkscreen print series, Auction Gallery of the Palm Beaches, (May 2010) [SOLD]


DOUBLE TROUBLE, Bernard Matussière, Paris, France
A BOOK ABOUT DEATH, (Curator), Emily Harvey Foundation, NYC, NY
Confessions, Obessions & Indiscretions, Janet Miller, Cape May, NJ
JE N’AIME QUE TOI, COSI, Paris, France
Anonymous Drawings, Basel, Switzerland
Baseball Philately, Stamp Museum, Oaxaca, Mexico
[Rubens Rounding Third, A3; First Prize]

Immaculate Perception (80 x 60 cm), print, Keep Calm Gallery, London,  Edition: 50.
The End of the World, print, Keep Calm Gallery, London. Ed: 85.
A BOOK ABOUT DEATH: http://abookaboutdeath.blogspot.com/
ABAD ARCHIVE: http://abookaboutdeatharchive.blogspot.com/
Rubens Rounding Third, A3; Edition: 1000, Keep Calm Gallery, London

After Taste, The Wall Gallery, Berlin, Germany
Anonymous Zeichner No. 9, Berlin, Germany
Serendipity, Mona Bismarck Foundation, Paris, France
The End of the World, Wm Turner Gallery, Atlanta, GA
A Kick in the Kunst, Galerie Rossella Junck, Berlin, Germany
Anonymous Zeichner No 8, Otterndorf, Germany

Sparkasse, print, Keep Calm Gallery, London. Ed: 21.
Wahsoh, print, Keep Calm Gallery, London. Ed: 50.
Haushalten, print, Keep Calm Gallery, London, Ed: 19.
Whirlaway, print, Keep Calm Gallery, London. Ed: 8.
Mittwoch, print, Keep Calm Gallery, London. Ed: 21.

Buddhism Tourism, (Essay), Mona Bismarck Foundation, Paris, France
Trap Souris, boxed mousetraps, edition: 39 (Red, White & Blue); 7 (Gold).
Publication: Mister Rose’s ABC BOOK, Lalande Digital Press Paris
COLLAGE, Black Dog Publishing, UK (September 2008).


Small Works, Gallery in the Field, Brandon, VT
Days Like These/Immaculate Perception: Prints @ Keep Calm, Essex UK
Group Show, Galerie Tristesse Deluxe, (Wallstr.) Berlin, Germany
AIDES Benefit, Yvon Lambert, Paris, France
Americans in Paris, Honfleur Gallery, Washington D.C.
My Stuff, My Friends’ Stuff, Some Other Stuff, Max Mulhern, Paris, France WISH YOU WERE HERE 6, A.I.R. Gallery, Benefit, NYC, NY
Versteckte Anzeigen, Galerie Tristesse Deluxe, Berlin, Germany
The Whole Truth, Gallery in the Fields/Fran Bull Gallery, Brandon, VT
Affordable Art Fair , Royal College of Art, London, UK,, (Art Vitam)
Blooze Deux, Cave des Papilles Installation/Vitrines, Paris, France

Film: A Kick in the Kunst, Documentary Feature on by Jennifer Giovanni.

PRINT SERIES: Days Like These, 2007. Lalande Digital Art Press


Spelling With Scissors, Capsule Gallery, Denver, CO
LA To Paris, Anyway Gallery, Berlin, Germany
IVY at The Louvre, Paris, France
Anonymous Drawings, Bluetenweiss Gallery, Berlin, Germany
Herzschmerz, Tristesse Deluxe, Berlin, Germany
Lullabies & Alibis, The Affordable Art Fair, NYC, NY (Art Vitam)
Lullabies & Alibis, Part 2, Apsara, Paris, France 
The Blooze Show, Papilles, Paris, France
Real pARTy Benefit, Real Art Ways, Hartford, CT
Re-reading the Comix, Again, Sutter Gallery, SF, CA
Full Circle/Random Journey (Book exhibition), U. of Northampton, UK

“Girl Trouble,” Print Series, Burning Boy Books, Paris, France
Versal/Wordsinhere, publication, Spring 2006, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Stormhoek Wine label (Napoleon/Boucher) for IVY Paris, Paris, France
Venice Artist Residency, Emily Harvey Foundation, Venice, Italy
“Days Like These,” Book: Venice-Paris (New collage works/book)

Michael Paglia, Art Beat, Westword (23 Nov., 2006), Denver, CO.
UK Guardian Art Blog, Installation, Spelling With Scissors, Dec., 2006)
Art Blog – Fallon & Rosof, A Paris Visit With Matthew Rose, Dec. 2006
Art Blog – Fallon & Rosof, Paper, Scissors, Glue, Dec. 2006


Planting Cut Flowers, Pleins Feux Sur Ivry, Ivry/Seine, France
PARIS/LA, Cache Contemporary, Curated by Whitey Flagg, Los Angeles, CA
For Everyone and No One, Mail Art, MOCA, Miami, FL
QUIXOTE, (400 Years), Talavera la Réal, Spain
Portable Art/Portable Peace, Koa Gallery, Honolulu, HI
“Wish You Were Here IV,” A.I.R. Gallery, NYC, NY
Bedtime Stories, Flying Space Gallery, Sag Harbor, NY
Moonstruck: HK Artist's Biennale 2005, Club 64, Hong Kong
Overture, Art Vitam Gallery, Miami, FL
Bridge Magazine Art Auction, Chicago, IL
IVY Artists, IVY Gallery, Paris, France
Beware the Ides of March, Asylum Gallery, Sacramento, CA
Collage Series, A Perfect Friend, Art Vitam Gallery, Miami, FL
Coronary, Ruth Crnkovich, Chicago, IL
Baker’s Dozen, New Zealand
Infinity, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA
AXIS OF EVIL, Nexus Gallery Philadelphia, PA   
AXIS OF EVIL, Glass Curtain Gallery, Columbia College, Chicago, IL
Post Modern Trends From Around The World, Hanoi, Vietnam

Matthew Rose Website: http://homepage.mac.com/mistahcoughdrop/
Print Series: THE LIFE OF ME (Limited Edition Prints: Burning Boy Books)


The Art of Writing and Books, Art Vitam, Miami, FL
Mystery Masters POST CARD SHOW, Ritz Carlton Hotel, Miami, FL
The 4th Dimension, Art Pool, Budapest, Hungary
Kunst Macht Dick, Factor 44, Antwerp, Belgium
Postcards From the Edge, Brent Sikkema Gallery, NYC, NY
draw_drawing, London Biennale, Gallery 32, London, UK
A Flame For the Olympics, Athens, Greece; curated by Ianna Andreadis
“Wish You Were Here III,” A.I.R. Gallery, NYC, NY
"Is Mail Art Dead?" UCN Gallery, Northampton, UK
Errata and Contradiction, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA
Reversing Vandalism, (Book: Dear Betty), SF Public Library, SF, CA
Frida Kahlo, Trezzano Rosa, Milano, Italy
“Ray Johnson & Postal Art,” Strutts Gallery, New Brunswick, Canada
“RIEN” - Axis of Evil, book on Stamp Art (Michael Hernandez de Luna/ Qualiatica.  Chicago, IL)
A Perfect Friend, Calumet College of St. Joseph, Whiting, IN

Book: BOY’S LIFE (Burning Boy Books)
Book: MONDIAL CAFARD (Burning Boy Books)
Book: GOD (Burning Boy Books) Edition 10. Published by Lalande/Paris.
Book: Sainte Rose, with John Bennett, (Burning Boy Books)
Book: Unmuzzled in Paris (Burning Boy Books/Unuzzled OX Michael Andre)

Mail Art Show Feature; Interviewed by Kurt Andersen on WNYC Radio, Studio 360, NYC, NY


The Merry Merry Christmas Show, Clemence Heugel, Paris, France
Postcards from the Edge/Visual AIDS Benefit, Galerie Lelong, NY
Kyoto Biennale (SLOWNESS: Shozo Shimamoto/Mail Art), Kyoto, Japan
FADE TO PINK/Lizbekistan Book Launch: Marriage Performance, Paris
AMAZING FESTIVAL, The Contents of My Wallet, A Reading, Paris, France
Mail Art in Paris/Paris Fantasy, Espace Beauregard, Paris, France
A Perfect Friend, Gallery 72, Omaha, Nebraska
Stencils: The Art of Negative Spaces, The Crucible Steel Gallery, SF, CA
Pour l’Amour des Chiens, Mona Bismarck Foundation, Paris, France
Unoccupied Territories, K&S Gallery, Berlin, Germany
Ready For War, Illinois University Galleries, Normal, Illinois
Passion, Portland Museum of Art, Portland, Maine
Je Veux, (Book) Onestarpress, Paris, France

Print: Double Queen Bitch, Show & Tell Editions, Edinburgh, UK (ed: 21)
Print: Queen Bitch, Printed at University of Omaha, Nebraska (ed: 45)
Prints: A Perfect Friend (37 large format prints; ed: 3 each).
Book: A Perfect Friend (110 color collages).
Book: The Chicken Book (Collection: Doris Rose).
Book: All the World’s a Stage I’m Going Through
Book: Yaya’s Surrealist Alphabet Book (Burning Boy Books)
Publication:  Vortice Argentina, Buenos Aires, Argentina (magazine)

Articles: Stalin (From Mail Art in Paris), VSD, Paris, France
Artension: C’est Quoi Le Mail Art?


Lost & Found, Aebel, Mayers & McHale, Paris
Internationales Mail Art-Projekt. Loreley 2002, Germany
Paintings, Boca Raton Museum, Boca Raton, Florida (Print Series)
Scared But Fresh, Manifesta (Free Manifesta/Sal Randolf) Frankfurt, Germany
Collages, Max’s, (Group Show) San Francisco, California
More Girlfriends, Au Vin des Rues, Paris, France
Girlfriends, Godefroy de Virieu, Paris, France
CornuCopiae, De Garage, Space for Contemporary Art, Mechelen, Belgium

Film: Mail Art, 52 minutes, Christian Balmier, Director/Writer
Books: People; Fresh; Egg; Ass; Man Slut.  (Unique books on paper).


Buddha Pest Control, Factor 44, Budapest, Hungary
Number 7, Factor 44, Antwerp, Belgium
Book: Von Spatzl’s Secret Drawings  (Plan B - Novel);
Book: Little Black Book
Book: M’eggs.


Morgan, Donovan & Rose, Factor 44, Antwerp, Belgium
Happy Birthday Johannes, (Mail Art/Catalog), Mainz, Germany

Book: K(opyright).


Paintings, Mayers, Aebel & McHale, Paris, France
50 States (Mailed), Gallery Expresso, Savannah, Georgia
New Zoo (w/Keith Donovan & Kathryn Greene), Galerie éof, Paris France. 

Publication: KANSAS (50 States Series): CONTENTS Magazine, Atlanta, GA


Bedroom/Bathroom Gallery (Ulla Kartuunen), Paris, France
100 Collages, Jean-Louis Cleret, Paris, France


FIAC, Happy Hour, Galerie Elisabeth Valleix, Paris, France
Bedroom/Bathroom Gallery, Paris, France
Cité Internationale des Arts, Group Show, Paris, France

Publication: Page: Hammer & Nail, Vacarme, Paris, France


Venividi Grand Bazar de Noel (Beata Malmquist), Paris, France
La Phrase Rose, Street Installation, Rome, Italy
ROSE LAVE PLUS BLANC, Plein Feux Sur Ivry, Portes Ouvertes, Ivry/Seine, France
About Face, Homer, Alaska (Mail Art)
Johannes Kepler, Weil Der Stadt, Germany (Mail Art)
Textos de Barcelona, (Affiches) Street Installation, Barcelona, Spain

Publication: Dumb Bunny, Vacarme, Paris, France


A Meeting For Ray Johnson, American Church, Paris (Curator)
The Blue Sentence, Plein Feux Sur Ivry, Portes Ouvertes, Ivry/Seine, France
COLLAGE OF THE MONTH CLUB, Street Installation, Basel, Switzerland


Your Message Could Be Here, Plein Feux Sur Ivry, Portes Ouvertes, Ivry/Seine, France


Bouteilles Chiffrées, Plein Feux Sur Ivry, Portes Ouvertes, Ivry/Seine, France
Timbres d'Artists (Michel Hosszù), Musée de la Poste, Paris, France
The Dead Show, Homer, Alaska 


Summer Camp, Gallery Stendhal, NYC, New York
Kings & Queens, Fresno, California (Mail Art)


Chassis Serigraphiques, w/Michel Hosszù, Isabelle Bongard, Paris, France
"Moi, je viens pisser dans la piscine." w/Michel Hosszù, Isabelle Bongard, Paris, France

THE MAIN STREET SHOW, Port Washington, New York
Publication: "Like Most Americans."  (photocopy/watercolor:  ed. 75)


Quao Series, Chinese Collages , Russell Steinert, NYC, New York
Greene Summer '90, Cedar City, Utah Worldwide Mail Event
Petition #6 "Nothing," NYC, New York  (Ongoing)


Long Island Artists (Juried), Wunsch Art Center, Glen Cove, New York


"Some More Stuff," Sandra Gering Gallery, Oyster Bay, New York


Long Island Artists, Bryant Library, Roslyn, New York
Western Suite (Paintings of the West), AREA, NYC, New York


"Holy Moly," Paintings, Merrick Library, Merrick, New York


"Stuff," Bell Gallery, Brown University, Rhode Island

Kat Phan, Making Sense of the Nonsense, Amelia's Magazine, October 2010
Jennifer Dick, Eye Prefer Paris, (eyepreferparis.com), July, 2009
Patti Verbanas: Confessions: NJ Life. May 2009
Joel Groover, Master of Collage, Whitehot Magazine, Oct., 2008
Richard Brown, Rutland Herald, Dada Lives in Brandon, 18 July, 2008
Michael Paglia, Westword, Matthew Rose: Spelling With Scissors 11 Nov., 2006
Best End to a Daydream, Westword, Spelling With Scissors Dec., 2006
Carlos Luis, Collage Series, El Nuevo Herald (Miami), Jan. 30, 2005
Steve Mayo, Artist Alchemy, CLOSER, November, 2004
Skip Sheffield, Artist Makes Rare Visit to Florida, Boca Raton News, Oct. 3, 2004
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Nina Zivancevic, Lost & Found, The Eternal Rose, 2003 
Allison Hersh, Return to Sender, Savannah Morning News, 1999
Garrett Siegel, The Poetics of Disaster, (catalog). 1998
Christopher Mooney, Words, 2000
Julian Gautho, Rose Lave Plus Blanc (catalog). 1996
Lisa Snedeker, Green Summer ’90 (USF actor returns pen pal in world-wide mail-event), Daily Spectrum, Cedar City, Utah, July 20 1990

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Brown University, B.A., Semiotics, 1981
Animation Film Studies, Rhode Island School of Design, 1980